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From small beginnings with a handful special products we have, in the course of time, established a complete assortment for welding technics and work protection with presently more than 2000 articles.

Heat-protective gloves, work aprons, protective goggles, protective shields, welding hoods, protective canvas, but also helmets, ear protection, filtering facepieces (FFP) or shields for the face can be ordered via our catalogue or the Muehlmeier online shop.

You can also find chemical auxiliaries (sprays, products for pickling, adhesives, cooling agents), gas cylinder lifters, welding electrodes or  compressed air equipment (e.g. compressed-air hoses, air blow guns, hose glands) in our range.

And this development is not without reason as you as our customer significantly contribute to the scope and expansion of our product range.

Often very customer specific problems were the inspiration for new solutions that we developed together with our partners and brought to production line status. This is also one of the reasons why we forgo a home brand as we don’t want to dilute the high quality standard of the products we offer.

Besides important names in steel and plant construction especially the big purchasing associations and their many member companies appreciate our full-range with the biggest catalogue and online offer in this branch of industry. We rely on quality and our unbeaten customer service, which is always the focus of our work.

Muehlmeier welding technics – a company with tradition and great experience – we are here for you!

Special offer April 2019

on sale
Optical helmet SHINE SENSITIV
  • power supply by solar cells and lithium batteries
  • shades: 4/9-13, UV/IR protection DIN 13
  • steady adjustment
  • switching time light/dark 1/10000 sec.
  • adjustment "delay of opening time" 0.1-0.9 sec.
  • see through vision panel 96x42 mm
  • filter dimension 110x90x8 mm
  • weight 495 g
  • suitable for all welding processes, at TIG/WIG below 6 ampere conditionally suitable
  • no battery replacement necessary

Art.-No. 80070

Product tip
Magnetic angle 111x95x29 mm
  • on and off switchable
  • 45°, 90° and 135°
  • lifting force 35 kg

Art.-No. 810251

on sale
Equipment for the welding place
  • equipment with cable H01N2-D
  • cable 16 mm², cable length 2x3 m, plug 10-25 mm²
  • earth terminal 200 ampere, electrode holder 200 ampere
  • carton content: 1 shield, 1 cover lens CE, 1 protective glass DIN 9, 1 earth cable compl., 1 welding cable compl., 1 chipping hammer, 1 wire brush, 1 pair of working gloves

Art.-No. 8475

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