With loyalty, verve and diligence

Long-time employees of the company Mühlmeier honored

For decades of affiliation with the company, the managing directors Petra Schmidtkonz and René Muehlmeier recently awarded a number of employees. At the company party in a cozy country inn near Bärnau, René Muehlmeier was able to report a good course of business. With specialties from the Upper Palatinate this success was celebrated adequately. The main reason for the small celebration, however, was the honor of long-standing employees. Petra Schmidtkonz emphasized that the company name was indeed the signet to the outside, but - quite unorthopedic - the minds behind it would form the backbone. For their many years of loyalty and diligence were honored: Lucia Meierl, Stefan Sattler and Gertraud Schmidkonz for 10 years, Berthold Blumentritt even for 30 years of seniority.

The jubilees were allowed to enjoy a small gratuity and a bouquet of red and white poinsettias. Ines Schuetz and Rainer Spoerrer have also been with the company for five years, who were also allowed to receive flowers as a thank-you. With very special thanks and also a little sadness of the managing director, Luise Schuetz was retired after 26 years.
The fact that Muehlmeier also thinks of the offspring was underscored by a small gift for the former apprentices Konstantin Geyer and Fabian Strobl, who were successful in the final exam.

The celebration was concluded with a happy raffle with the year-round giveaways of business friends. More than 150 prices from pens, reading lamps to wellness set had to be brought first among the people. Not a few went home fully loaded at the end.