Applications of grinding beads/balls

In nearly all fields we encounter products made out of different raw materials. Aside from the chemical interaction factors like size, density, state of aggregation etc. also have to be harmonized in order to develop a homogeneous product.

This is all the more important the finer the final product should be. Coatings, pastes and fillers are made out of insoluble fine pigment and powder particles. To homogenize the different units the raw materials are dispersed in ball and pearl mills.

By doing that the mechanical energy is transferred onto the dispersing goods by the grinding media. The twisting and shearing motion of the balls is "breaking" the particles into finer pieces, neutralizing the chemical attraction and removing the air on the surface, so the fixing agents can be distributed evenly. The result is a stable suspension with an equal distribution of the single components.

For lots of applications like paint and varnish, paper and electronic coating, pigments and active substances for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products or food coatings and fillers we have the suitable grinding media in stock.


Ceramic pearls are optimally meeting the requirements for high grinding efficiency with a shorter grinding time, more fineness – down to the nanoscale – low abrasion and avoidance of contaminating the ground material. Whenever mixing effects and dispersion are playing an important role, ceramic beads convince with good shock resistance and a low wear.


Glass beads are successfully used as grinding media in agitator mills. In a perfected technique the pearls are produced absolutely round. They are extremely elastic, lead-free and made out of chemical neutral glass. They are absolute food-safe and colorfast, so they can be applied in nearly all grinding mills.


The high specific density gives the grinding beads made from steel an ideal component. Decisive for the use of steel balls is the material to be ground and its purpose. They are also used in medicine and at aggressive media like acids and bases.