Gelcoats / Topcoats (fine layer) surface resins

Gelcoats / Topcoats (fine layer) surface resins at a glance.

Fine layer resins are UV stabilized polyester resins and are based on unsaturated polyester resin which is solved instyrene. The fine layer resin (Gelcoat/Topcoat) is very good spreadable and sprayable. With a consumption of about 200 - 600 g/m² (depending on thickness) and an excellent mechanical and chemical stability the resins function as a external protective coat for polyester laminates. The fine layer resin (also named Gelcoat) will applyed as the first layer in the negative form, which is previously furnished with a suitable separating agent. If the fine layer resin should be coloured, our polyester-colour pastes (ading approx. 12-15%) will admix in the favoured colouring.

Advantages of Gelcoats/Topcoats

  • surface hardness
  • colour fidelity
  • high gloss level, coverage
  • surface resin (resin for artists)
  • UV and weather resistance
  • chemical resistance
  • osmosis resistant
  • ready for use
  • mechanical strength, scratch resistance
  • no micropore - fineness of the surface
  • homogeneity (abrasion resistance)
  • spread- and sprayable
  • can be painted
  • thixotropic
  • pre-accelerated

Common mistakes in Gelcoat surfaces - we have the answer

The quality of the produced laminates usually will assessed about the appearance of the surface. To this, a correct application as well as a correct hardening are absolutely necessary. Even if you have put a lot of attention in the application, sometimes problems could appear. Therefore it is very important to identify the cause as soon as possible.

In this PDF file we summarised error descriptions and possible causes:

» Causes for laminate errors

Further information & downloads around Gelcoats/Topcoats:

  • 50overview „Gelcoat - Topcoat“
    „H00 - Sanding-Gelcoat ORTHO - can be sanded“
    „H01 - Orthophthal-Gelcoat - Topcoat“
    „H02 - Isophthal-Gelcoat - Topcoat“
    „H03 - Iso-/Ortho-Gelcoat - Topcoat“
    „H07 - Fire protection-Gelcoat“
    „H08 - ISO/NPG-Gelcoat - Topcoat“
    „M08 - ISO/NPG-Barrier-Gelcoat“
    „H09 - Mould construction-Gelcoat“
    „H13 - VE-Mould construction-Gelcoat“
    „H15 - Epocare-Gelcoat“
    „Avanti UP>EP Coupling Additive – UP-Gelcoat converter“

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The application fields of Gelcoats/Topcoats (fine layer) surface resins in detail.

The surface of fiber reinforced components is the optical reference and protective layer against external influences of the laminate. Thereby overlay resins, the so-called Gelcoats, are made of special formulated polyester resin types. According to the demand, the Gelcoat characteristics like surface hardness, colour fidelity, chemical resistance etc. have priority.

But all of our Gelcoats have one thing in common: excellent coverage because of a high share of colour pigments, of course thixotropic and pre-accelerated. This enables an economical consumption and a quick processing.

Gelcoat / Topcoat dye-mixing-plant
Every basic of resin, all RAL-colours, completion within 36 hrs.

You will find the following Gelcoats/Topcoats in our assortment and they can be delivered promptly:

H00 - Sanding-Gelcoat

Spread- / spray processes - can be sanded on the basic of orthophthalic acid, pre-asselerated, contains fillers, is used for laminates, which are painted later, easy abrasive properties, low shrinking and low pore formation. For products where UV-resistance and weather resistance are not important.

H01 – Orthophthal-Gelcoat - Topcoat

Spread- / spray processes - in almost all RAL-colours available. Perfect for parts, which only are exposed to low environmental influences (e.g. industrial applications).

H02 – Isophthal-Gelcoat - Topcoat

Spread- / spray processes - in almost all RAL-colours available. Excellent osmosis resistance, low yellowing tendency, application field: transport, tank construction, building industry.

H03 – Iso/Ortho-Gelcoat - Topcoat

Spread- / spray processes - pre-accelerated, good resistance against weather effects, water resistant, versatile applicable.

H07 – fire protection-Gelcoat

Spread- / spray processes - halogene-free, in a lot of colours available, high gloss, low yellowing tendency and good fire resistance, suitable for applications where aesthetics as well as functionality are wanted. Certifications for rail vehicles are available.

H08 – ISO/NPG-Gelcoat - Topcoat

Spread- / spray processes - pre-accelerated, excellent UV-resistance, very good osmosis resistance, good resistance against weathering, low yellowing tendency, outstanding mechanical values. Application field: boat construction, pool and pond construction, tank construction, etc.

M08 – ISO/NPG-Barrier-Gelcoat

Spread- / spray processes - simply applicable product, which enables a high quality finish on all fiberglass parts. Developed for the chemical-aesthetical performance of gelcoats in the field of boat and mould construction. (chemical: low osmosis tendency, aesthetical: fiber print)

H09 – Mould construction-Gelcoat

Spread- / spray processes - available in the colours orange, black, green and transparent-green, long lasting gloss, good resistance against styrene, excellent surface hardness, no forming of micro pores, specifically designed for mould production.

H13 – VE Mould construction-Gelcoat

Spread- / spray processes - no micro-porosity, high surface hardness, excellent styrene resistance and brilliant surface gloss. Recommended for heated moulds.

H15 – Epocare-Gelcoat

Spread processes - pre-accelerated, based on unsaturated polyester resins, in various colours available. The resin is characterised by good osmosis and weather resistance, low yellowing tendency comined with a very low decrease of the gloss level. Very good adhesion for following epoxy layers.