Epoxy resins and epoxy hardener

Epoxy resins and epoxy hardener at a glance.

Epoxy resins and hardener are preferably used for components which are exposed to high mechanical standards. In contrast to UP-resin, epoxy resin has a lower shrinking. Usually, epoxy resin is odorless, so you can use it not only outdoors.

Because of the excellent adhesive properties of the epoxy resin, also the mechanical quality of the laminated component is increase. Epoxy resins have a good temperature and chemical as well as hydrolysis resistance and against UP-resins they are segnificant resistant against osmosis.

Advantages of Epoxy resins and hardener

  • high mechanical resistance
  • osmosis resistant
  • high chemical resistance
  • high variety of recipies (elasticity, flexibility, variable reactivity)
  • high adhesion
  • not electrically conductive
  • low shrink
  • low yellowing
  • long storage stability

Application field of epoxy resin/hardener:

  • automotive industry / racing (regatta, monocoque)
  • sport articles (e.g. skis, luge, bobsled, surfboard, tennis racket)
  • medical engineering, orthopaedics, x-ray units
  • astronautics, wind power, construction of satellites
  • design in the construction industry
  • concrete repair, repair system
  • floor coatings
  • transformer construction
  • boat building
  • model construction

Epoxy resins and hardener in detail.

Elan-tech®  - EC 147 / W 147 – epoxy resins / epoxy hardener                            

  • two-component-epoxy system, low viscosity enables a mixing ratio of 100/50 without significant change of the characteristic of the hardened product.
  • applicaton field: coated boats from wood or anti-osmosis-treated, surface primer

Elan-tech®  - EC 152 / W 152 HR/MR – epoxy resins / epoxy hardener

  • highly modular, unfiled epoxy system, hardener is mixable among them selves, where by the reaction time can adapt to the demand.
  • application field: high-quality composites-parts of small and middle size. Production of parts for boats, model airplanes, racing cars as well as components for sports.

Elan-tech®  EC 157 / W 152 MLR/XLR – epoxy resins / epoxy hardener

  • epoxysystem with low viscosity and high module value, good thermic resistance.
  • application field: for high-quality, middle and large composites-parts, RINa-certificated.

Elan-tech®  - EC 254LB / W 254 N – epoxy resins / epoxy hardener

  • unfilled, liquide two-component-epoxy system. High reactivity, good UV-resistance. With UV filter for an improved resistance against yellowing. Can be finished with clear varnish, which contains an UV filter.
  • application field: construction industry (building construction and civil engineering), adhesives, floor coating.

Avanti 300 epoxy resins / Avanti 301 epoxy hardener

  • non crystallised Bisphenol A/F-Epoxy resin with bi-functional, reactiv thinner. In combination with Avanti 301 it is suitable to produce varnishes and top coats, with a very low yellowing tendency.
  • application field: construction industry (building construction and civil engineering), adhesives, floor coating.

Avanti 900 Epoxy resins / Avanti 901 Epoxy hardener

  • a Bisphenol A/F epoxy resin with low viscosity, modified with a mono-funcional, reactiv thinner. It is hydrophobic and has a low steam pressure. Non crystalides, physiological favourable, suitable for versatile applications.
  • application field: adhesive, construction industry (building construction and civil engineering), comopsites, marine and protection.