Applications of composites like glass fiber, carbon fabrics and more

Today composite building parts allow you to think in dimensions which haven't been possible only some years ago. We come upon composites and their excellent features in many situations of our daily life.


Although composites are mostly acting hidden from direct view, we can no longer do without this material in many areas of life.

No matter if in aircraft construction, in the automotive industry, in medical engineering, in sports or leisure – there is almost no field not using the advantages of composites. Benefit from the unique advantages of composite material and make use of their great versatility and strength. Turn your ideas and imagination into reality and create the future with composites. We will assist you as a strong partner by your side.

Boat and ship building
  • rowboats and motorboats, yachts, kayaks, surfboards, masts


Electronic industry
  • insulators, cases, lamps, masts, circuit boards


Energy technology
  • blades for wind energy installations, blowers for wind tunnels, gas control systems


  • body construction, frames, moulded parts, moulds, caravans, trailers, panelling, spoilers, protection helmets, parts for fast trains


Leisure and garden
  • music instruments, swimming pools, garden pools, artificial stones


Sporting goods
  • Skis, bobs, bicycles, javelins
House construction and renovation
  • sanitary equipment, sandwich type plaster boards, fillers, domelights, windows and doors, wall-panelling, containers, corrugated sheets, floor coverings


Aerospace industry
  • gliders, wings, rotors, inner and outer panelling, elevator and rudder, rocket parts, parabolic mirrors


Medical technology
  • artificial limbs, implants and medical equipment


Paper industry
  • special paper for insulation and electronics


Mechanical engineering and plant construction
  • cases, machinery parts, containers, pipeline systems