Highlights Composites Europe 2017

The presented news:

SIRCA Metallic-Gelcoats and trendy surfaces
Thanks to special additives, metallic surfaces can now also be imaged with a gelcoat, which are absolutely comparable with lacquer.

For trendy surfaces such as concrete, copper or rust, we offer special lacquer systems that have been optimized for FRP components. The application is easier than you think:

YouTube trendy surface concrete
YouTube trendy surface copper
YouTube trendy surface rust


AVANTI spray adhesive - also for high temperature application
The HT version of our established AVANTI spray adhesive is perfect for all warm and even hot-curing processes up to 170°C.


AVANTI spray adhesive in large pressure tank
For major consumers, we now also offer the AVANTI spray adhesive in large tanks of 13.8 kg. This saves resources and is nevertheless flexible to handle.


Organo-sheet, pultrusion profiles, winding tubes... Due to their simple processing properties, high-strength, thermoplastic moldings are finding more and more applications, especially in vehicle construction. The Roving COMBOTEX PP can be easily integrated into existing processing lines, for the production of thermoplastic semi-finished products. Fabrics and layings from COMBOTEX PP complete the program.