Flame protection resins with the highest fire proctection certification

The new FIRE-CARE system was tested according to national and international standards and got the highest release of fire protection for fire-resistant rein-forced moulded parts in construction and architecture projects as well as in transportation technology e.g. for buses, rail vehicles, mountain railways etc. Thereby a low level of toxicity and a minimal developement of fuel gas in case of fire was confirmed.

The flame-retardant FIRE-CARE resins are principally free from halogen and suitable for hand lay-up and spray processes or for injection processes, vacuum processes and other low pressure processes. The low level of shrinking guaranteed an one-to-one mapping. A high level of HDT secures the static and mechanic properties of the flame retardant moulded part.







Fire protection resin R930A

NEW: certified according to DIN 4102-B1

The Firecare-system is composed of halogen free polyester resin and gelcoats in a broad range of colours. Firecare products provides an excellent fire resistance, a low level of fuel gas emission with a high mechanical strength for demanding solutions. The processing is done by hand lay-up. For applications in the transport sector like buses, rail vehicles, mountain railways etc. corresponding certificates are available:

  • DIN 4102-B1
  • DIN 5510 Part 2
  • CEN TS 45545 Part 2 HL 1 u. HL 2



    Fire protection resin R921A

    halogen free, unsaturated polyester resin, solved in styrene, filled, thixotropic and pre-accelerated. The fire protection resin R921A contains neither hardening indicators nor waxes or paraffin and that´s why there is no delamination. It provides an excellent fire resistance, a low level of toxicity and developement of fuel gas as well as a low level of shrinking. Because of the special chemical composition the resin has a high mechanic value and it is easy to use. Application for spray and RTM processes. Certification:

    • DIN 5510-2:2009; S4 - SR2 - ST2
    • EN 45542-2 HL1 (R1, R2, R3, R7, und R17) sowie HL2 (R3)