NOFI-Lauf 2018

Our company runners could not miss out the ninth edition of the "Nordoberpfälzer Firmenlauf"!

With its many slopes, this year's track in Neustadt a. d. Waldnaab is one of the most "feared" of the annual event. Nevertheless, almost 6000 runners...

Due to holidays, our company will be closed on the following day:

Friday, 2nd of November

The principle of fiber-reinforced plastics is very simple. Fibers e.g. out of glass, carbon or aramid will be embed in resin the so-called matrix. The resulting material compound is a composite. In aircraft construction, in the automotive industry, in medical engineering, in sports or leisure – there is no area where the unbeatable characteristics of composite material do not apply.


The Muehlmeier division Composites is one of the biggest providers for fiberglass as well as duroplasts, additives and aids and appliances in Germany and the neighbouring countries.

Extract from our product range:

  • carbon fabrics
  • glass fiber fabrics
  • aramid fabrics
  • roving fabrics
  • peel ply / tear-off nonwovens
  • sandwich material
  • epoxy resin / polyester resin
  • topcoats / gelcoats / pigment pastes
  • release agents / abherents
  • spray adhesive
  • protective workwear

    In our Welding division we offer you professional solutions and items. As a welding pro you’ll find an extensive range of products for protective clothing, such as helmets or safety glasses as well as cables, add-on parts, chemical auxiliaries, work place equipment and supplies for oxy-fuel welding.


    A high quality standard and the compliance with all relevant testing regulations are a given at Muehlmeier. Our products for welding are often specifically developed according to your needs and purposes to make your future welding jobs even easier.

    Extract from our welding product range:

    • protective workwear
    • welding cable
    • welding machines
    • electrode manual welding
    • MIG/MAG and TIG/WIG welding
    • oxy-fuel welding
    • cylinder trolley
    • equipment for soldering
    • gouging torches
    • abrasives
    • chemical products
    • miscellaneous accessories

      With our business segment Grinding we provide you with an extensive assortment of tailor-made grinding beads. We have the right grinding media for the multitude of applications and processes needed for paints and varnishes, paper and electronic coatings, pigments and active ingredients for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products or for food coating and fillings. Depending on your requirements we offer you ceramic beads (ultra-pure, if needed), glass beads or steel beads. With our technical support and competence on all things grinding we will help you achieve the best possible results.

      Extract from our grinding product range:

      • grinding media
      • grinding beads (ceramic, glass, steel)
      • corrosion protection
      • fillers
      • blasting abrasive
      • beads for filtration